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Brilliant Brandings offers professional, modern and cost-effective services for churches and charities.BB wants them to reach out to their targeted audience and enable them to engage and involve people who can and are willing to support the missions and causes. 

Digital means enable Churches and Charites to reach to those who would be difficult in a traditional approach in an efficient way.

Churches are facing unique challenges. We heard the phrase “Church is more than a building,” and this year, that feels truer than ever. Since the onset of Google searches and mobile phones, more and more people have been digitally interacting with their churches throughout the week, finding new churches online and doing plenty of background research before making a first Sunday visit.

In Addition, the new global threat of COVID, compels many churches to operate completely online, there’s no getting around it: your church website is an essential part of your church or ministry, just like your building or property.

About Us

Challenges for Churches

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Branding Services

Website Design

Offering bespoke websites for Churches and Charity Organizations, not only to best represent them but also provide them with the latest online tools to reach their dynamic goals.

Graphic Design

Creating the Branding, just right for your organization such as logo, profile-images and banners etc.

Social Media Design

We offer social media design and integration to share contents and engage your existing and new members

Video Making

Bespoke videos: animated, testimonial, intro- to promote your cause and missions by delivering your message more effectively.

St Philips Church Norbury

Case Study


St Philips Church Norbury is a traditional Anglican Church in South-West of London with a multicultural congregation. Beside the continues growth of the Church and its congregation, there are few challenges that don’t allow it to use the full potential of its digital possibilities. Specifically, online activities, such as website administration and social media handling which is carried out by the volunteers who sometimes take an extra mile to learn new tricks and skills in order to do the job.
As a result, the website and online tools would be the last option to choose and are always overlooked.


We created a website, split into simple, clear sections of information about the services and how to navigate for other information. The site has special sections for different seasons and events that took place around the year. This could be updated to remove according to the theme. The important part of the whole project is that the website and all the admin work which includes the updating the contents are done by the Brilliant Brandings team. The admin services make online presence and activity seamless and smooth.
St Philips Church Norbury

“Arthur and Team Brilliant Branings greatly exceeded our expectations for designing and developing a reasonably priced church website. I found Arthur to be very professional and easy to work with. The improvisation and integrating new tools to make full use of the digital world is the best part of the team. His communication skills and patient explanations of website design terminology and concepts made the process a very positive experience for our church leadership.”

Revd Canon
Younis Francis

Leading Features

Online Donation

The most convenient way to collect offerings and donations. You can also set direct-debits and regular payments.

Events & Calender

Feature your events, programmes and calendar. Facilitate users to book for paid/free church/charity events.


All our websites are fully responsive which means that they can be viewed on any screen size (Mobiles, Tabs, etc.) without losing any contents.


You can add weekly audio-sermons or videos or even both and can share them on social media.

Online Chat

We offer online chat tool for your website with different options to increase the connectivity with your members and provide support.

Managed Websites

Our professional team will update the contents, maintain the website to be available for everyone whenever needed.

Become a curator of your own thoughts

We love partnering with great churches and ministries that are passionate about their good work.

Now you don’t need to worry about techy work. Finally, you have your own media team who will take care of all your digital needs at a remarkably affordable price.